Group Sessions

Looking for something less intensive than the two year Capacity Institute? Our workshop sessions are engaging, informative, and help your team move together toward readiness to build and implement your performance management practices:

Introduction to Logic Models. Everyone on your team will have a clear understanding of logic models and how they help your nonprofit in just two hours.  If you don't already have a solid logic mode for each of your core programs, small groups can receive coaching to draft them.

Introduction to Outcome Measurements. Everyone will understand how to measure outcomes in just two hours.  If you don't already have a work plan to gather outcomes data, including tools appropriate for your population, small groups can receive coaching to create it.

Introduction to Nonprofit Performance Management. Groups of up to 20 people receive an interactive introduction to all the key components of nonprofit performance management.  Your team will understand how these practices can help your nonprofit improve its effectiveness.

Day-long Theory of Change Session. Spend one full day together and finally resolve those mission-related questions you never have time to address:  How do we define success? Who is our target population?  Our service population?  What are their strengths and challenges?  Why do they need us?  To what end do we engage them?  Your full team will work together -- board members, executive leadership, program supervisors, direct service staff.  Answers to these questions form the essential foundation of your nonprofit’s road map to effectiveness.

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