Our Approach

The Capacity Institute works with 10 agencies in metro Boston in two-year cohorts to develop all the practices that compose the performance management system.  

We begin with a Theory of Change process to strengthen your mission commitments.  You'll answer these questions:

  1. Who is our target population?
  2. What participant outcomes do we commit to reach?
  3. What sequence of activities, in what dosage and duration, are needed to help our participants achieve outcomes?
  4. How do we define measurable success on outcomes?
  5. What process will we use to gather data on participant progress?
  6. How will we use our data to improve our success rate getting participants to long-term outcomes?

Here are the organizational commitments and practices that result from the two-year process:  

Thus far, this process has led to a 388% increased success rate in achieving participant long-term outcomes!  Nonprofit performance management is using your data to improve your operations, so that your participants reliably achieve meaningful, measurable, sustainable outcomes. This is a culture change process for nonprofits.  Outcomes are changes in participants’ lives: new knowledge, increased skills, changed attitudes or values, leading to a change in behavior, leading to an improved condition or altered status.  Outcomes are a nonprofit's bottom line.

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